The main expenses when requesting a personal loan

Personal loans expenses

Personal loans expenses

Personal loans are an escape route for many people. People who need a liquid injection to fix the car, buy a washing machine or make renovations in their home.

When we are looking for a personal loan, we must look at not only the fees in which we must return the money, but also the expenses derived from each type of loan, and which we sometimes do not have. The most common derivatives would consist of associated financial products (life insurance or payment protection, for example), direct debit or receipts at the bank issuing the loan, associated credit card and other loan fees (study fee, opening, partial amortization, early cancellation, etc.).

It is very important that, when looking for a personal loan, we look very well at the fine print and the conditions imposed on us from the issuing entity. We are likely to find a lender that offers us a 0% interest in the first loan, but we must look at whether, with the sum of all commissions and fees, we should have such a lender. Many times the cheap is expensive, so we can not stop studying all the conditions and ask all the times we need it if we do not see it clearly.

In addition to the accessory products that can make us contract to grant us the loan (insurance, credit card, direct debit, opening a new account…), we cannot ignore the total cost of the loan commissions that we have indicated above.:

  • Study fee
  • Opening fee
  • Partial Amortization Fee
  • Early Cancellation Fee

Conditions for issuing loans

Conditions for issuing loans

In Ranchose we reduce commissions, since we eliminate intermediaries between the lender and the borrower, so the conditions for issuing loans are much more profitable and attractive. In Ranchose we carry out a free study of the application, studying your case and your characteristics, without additional requirements and with financing conditions adjusted to your profile.

The borrower must pay Ranchose a series of concepts together with the monthly installment in which he must repay his loan: opening commission, management commission, advisory commission and interest rate. They may seem like many concepts but we assure you that if you study the total (requested amount and fees to be returned), the fees are very competitive.

Also, if you are a Rating A customer, you are in luck. Now we give you the opening commission by registering your Crowdlending project with us. Request more information and we will call you without obligation.


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