Go to restaurants while saving money

Eating in restaurants is a frequent hobby among people of various nationalities in the world. It is a great place to meet friends, have a romantic evening or take the whole family to enjoy a lunch. In Brazil, however, the account has been increasingly expensive for the consumer, and to save money, many people have left the program out of monthly expenses.

But for those who do not want to give up this nice ritual and want to continue with the positive spending spreadsheet, some small decisions can make all the difference! Bind up on the tips that might help you:

Dispense starters and appetizers

Dispense starters and appetizers

Salads and baskets of bread are served before the main course. If you have not opted for a full menu, which includes starter, main course and dessert for a single price, it is best not to ask for anything other than the main food.

Although they have reduced prices, the entries “weigh”, reaching about 20% of the value of the account and in terms of gastronomy, are simpler dishes, which will less interfere with your cooking experience.

Prefer Water

Prefer Water

Drink lovers will not like it, but with regard to alcoholic drinks the first tip is to cut them off the menu. Glamourous, they are the highest-margin products of an establishment, and one reason is because of the high markup rate (how much the price of the product is above its cost of production and distribution). The similar situation happens with wines and sparkling wine, unfortunately.

In this case, our tip is to opt for traditional water or sparkling water. If you feel lacking in taste, ask for lemon, which in most restaurants is served for free.

Use discount groups

Prefer Water

The market knows that the salty price has scared away many restaurant customers. Therefore, the use of discount cards became popular. In them, customers find discounts and offers that vary according to the establishment.

Another way is to use the discount coupons offered by websites. Although they have their peak in the country for about two years, there are still groups that guarantee attractive discounts for any wallet.

10% optional

The famous “10%” in Brazil are optional and supersede tips. By integrating the salary of the waiter, they are very important. However, they are optional and their payment is tied to good service. If this does not happen, do not be shy and make it clear that because of the failure, you have no interest in paying the extra.

Prefer weekdays

Try to go to restaurants on weekdays. This is because the movement of restaurants is greatly diminished these days and promotions have become common, especially between Monday and Wednesday. Some even offer the second main dish for free, which means savings of about 40% on the account.

These suggestions can make your account come out much smaller than usual. Do not miss out on good times for lack of money! Take the test and tell us!


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