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We are in another country and even then we are working hard. And yet every time it is such an enormously beautiful work. Our customers express their gratitude for the time, energy and passion put into their situation to avoid or solve their problems and reduce their burdens.

Your mortgage credit and need a mortgage broker

But it can also happen to you that you get a backlog on your mortgage credit and need a mortgage broker.

You may lose your job … Or you may fall ill for a long period of time, so you have to fall back on a much lower income … Or there may be unexpected invoices in a family that also all come to the same team.

Even then, Good lender will devote all the time and emotion to exploring the possibilities for you! Avoid even more problems and intervene immediately!

I own a house myself

I would be afraid to lose my house in public sale due to arrears on my credit. You too? How do you avoid a public sale like this?

Consult a mortgage broker as soon as possible, such as Good lender. I have often seen enough how my husband could happily offer a solution and customers could breathe relieved again. When this result is achieved, we are only satisfied.

What you should definitely try to avoid is to get a negative report for your mortgage credit at the Central Individual Credit Register, the so-called “blacklist”.

If you come on the “black list”

The chance to sell your house yourself, if it is needed financially, becomes smaller and the amount for which your house is sold becomes smaller. Therefore, always make sure that you are in control and calling in Good lender immediately before you can no longer fulfill your obligations.

If such a situation applies to you, or if you have any doubts about this, please contact Good lender immediately and we will check in all possible ways if there is still a solution so that you do not have to lose your house in a public sale and your expenses can be reduced.

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