How to save money on car buying?

Having a car is not just a simple desire. Displacements in large urban centers, the daily need to be faster, autonomy as well as the lack of quality, price and crowding of public transport are just some of the reasons people get to buy cars.

Everyone knows that buying a car in Brazil has a much higher cost than most parts of the world. Compared with the United States, for example, cars here are often priced up to five times higher. Despite spending on the acquisition, fuel, high taxes and all the money spent, the dream of having an automobile hangs in the minds of many people.

There are several ways to close business and acquire the car itself. It is possible to negotiate for a zero kilometer, find good options of used, finance, enter into a consortium. It all depends on your budget: the important thing is that you find the way of payment less costly as possible.

But how to use money wisely to have the dream car? Take advantage of our tips and learn how to save money on car buying.

Search for the car you want and the budget

Search for the car you want and the budget

Before you make any decision about buying your car lots of research. Check which items are essential to you and your budget. Are you really going to need 4 doors? Do you need to be electric? How big is the trunk? So, plan the possibility of having each item, remembering that one adds a lot in value.

Then, search for the offers of the dealers, evaluate the possibilities of payment and make a budget from the makes and models that you prefer.

Set the right car for you and focus on the closed budget for it. When you go to the dealerships there will be many temptations of more expensive vehicles, however with long installments or forms of payment that you are not prepared to afford. Discuss the seller by telling them how much you are willing to pay him or her to direct you to the right options.

Choose how to buy: at sight or through financing

Choose how to buy: at sight or through financing

When it comes to saving, it is certainly much more advantageous to save enough money to buy cash than to finance the acquisition. While very tempting, the possibilities and facilities of vehicle financing can result in high interest rates at the end of the period, dramatically increasing the real value of the car.

Be aware of the market, choose the model you want and join money according to your possibilities. Here, it takes more patience, but paying cash guarantees discounts.

On the other hand, whoever needs to car urgently and still does not have all the money to buy, can opt for financing. The ideal is to close it in the required number of installments (no more, no less), knowing each interest and extra fee. So, choose a financial institution that you trust that really worries about offering good terms to you. According to a survey conducted by Proteste magazine in 2013, you can save up to 6 thousand reais by choosing the best bank (with lower interest rate) for financing. Stay tuned!

A great tip is to always control the budget to save a larger amount and get more than one installment at a time. Funding requires more discipline, but it brings you closer to your dream with ease.

Consider buying a used car

Consider buying a used car

Most people prefer to invest in a new car. However, it is advantageous to opt for the used car, even more for those who want to save the most on the purchase.

Let’s assume you already have the money you need to purchase. Imagine that the value is $ 25 thousand. If you want a zero car with a minimum of comfort, you will probably have to finance a small part and opt for a popular model. Now, if you search well, you can find more templates for that same value. Of course you need to consider the time of use, the state of the good and still the round mileage. But in general terms, you can make good deals by buying used cars, after all, a vehicle depreciates more than 15% in just one year.

When searching for used cars, search dealerships and direct sellers. Do not be afraid to ask all that is important and require a review done by a mechanic you trust. He is the one who can tell if the car is really in good condition. Remember that it is not used paying less but then having to pay for many repairs and ends from the former owner, for example. Search the car history thoroughly!

Stay tuned for IPI

The IPI (Industrialized Products Tax) is also a factor that should be observed. As it is variable throughout the year, you need to check the best time to buy. Never make a purchase when the tax is high if you want to spend less.

In addition to the IPI reduction, keep an eye on the salons, these are great opportunities to spend less on the car.


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