Month: May 2019

Avoid a backlog on your credit or a blacklist! – Mortgage Loan

We are in another country and even then we are working hard. And yet every time it is such an enormously beautiful work. Our customers express their gratitude for the time, energy and passion put into their situation to avoid or solve their problems and reduce their burdens. Your mortgage credit and need a mortgage […]

How to save money on car buying?

Having a car is not just a simple desire. Displacements in large urban centers, the daily need to be faster, autonomy as well as the lack of quality, price and crowding of public transport are just some of the reasons people get to buy cars. Everyone knows that buying a car in Brazil has a […]

Everything about credit on payment account (avoid high interest)

Many Dutch people can be red at the bank. Good Finance is also called a credit on a checking account. You must request this option from your bank. It can be useful to be sure that you can always withdraw more money. Having extra money in hand gives a form of certainty. That way you […]