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I am pleased to present my model collection. The focus is not on one type of model but is split between Fokker/Fairchild- and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines aircraft. Highlights of the Strijbeek FFF Collection include models of the extensive Fokker F27- and F28 collection and also models from the ever-growing KLM collection. Next to these models I have added some other models I have collected over the years. Being a second generation KLM Pilot you can understand why my focus is on these two great Dutch companies. My dad retired from KLM in 1987, after 33 years of flying and it was him who infected me with the aviation virus by taking me along as a youngster on various jumpseats. (Viscount, Electra, DC8 and -9 and the Boeing 747)

I started collecting display models in 1973, however my very first model was a Raise Up DC6 in SABENA livery. It was a present for my seventh birthday in 1964 by our nextdoor neighbour, Dick Easton. Dick worked for Ruys Intraned, a travel agency in Haarlem, and the “Six” was obsolete by then.....You can read more about this model inside.
My first Fokker was a 1:72 scale metal F27 in Fokkers green demo livery.Again a neighbour, this time Rob de Vries, gave me this true Verkuyl gem for my birthday. Rob was an ex Royal Netherlands Air Force fighter pilot who joined Fokker as a stand builder and sales representative in the late sixties when airline jobs where at an alltime low. Many models came into my collection through him and also my enthusiasm for the Air Force was credit to Rob and I still thank him for that!
My own career started in the Royal Netherlands Air Force in the late seventies and after nine years of flying fighters, I joined KLM in 1988 where I retired as a Boeing 777 captain, in september 2013. In november 2013 I will start flying THY's routenetwork on their Tripples.


My models date from the mid 1950’s to the mid 1990’s and many are in metal from the famous Dutch model maker Maarten Matthys Verkuyl. You will also find many models made by IMC, a model company built on the fundaments of Verkuyl’s model factory, and of course some models made by Raise Up. Raise Up was taken over by Verkuyl in the sixties and Verkuyl also took with him years of experience by bringing the Raise Up model builders with him to Badhoevedorp.


In july 2008 I decided to also show my 1:400 mini liner collection. I have around 200 models, propliners and classic jets alike, and some of these fine pieces of art are very rare indeed.You can find these models in a seperate album.

Should you have any feed back or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me, fergs14@gmail.com , and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Ferry van der Geest


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